Advice, Counsel & Investigations

Advice and Counsel

Our advice and counsel draws on 20 years of studying employment law issues starting at the Industrial and Labor Relations School at Cornell University and working thereafter in a rich variety of capacities. That experience is the base upon which we draw perspective, experience and judgment. Kristan Peters-Hamlin began her career working in-house at Shell Oil's international division, "Pecten International." There, she worked both in Houston and at its overseas location in Duoala, Cameroon, as a human resource professional, before she attended law school. This experience provides an ability to see issues from the human resource professional's perspective.

Kristan Peters-Hamlin provides advice and counsel on a wide range of employment issues regarding compliance with federal and state laws such as the Family Medical Leave Act, the American with Disabilities Act, Sarbanes Oxley, Title VII, surveillance and tape recordings in the work place, review of corporate computer policies, overtime, benefits, negligent retention, violence in the workplace, hiring and termination policies, and others. Our international client base has often called upon Peters Hamlin Law, LLC to evaluate cross-border benefits and legal issues.

We understand that in-house counsel and human resource professionals have clients that they need to serve. Our advice and counsel is geared to be supportive of both our in-house contact, and to be mindful of their concomitant need to be responsive and accountable to their own clients. Moreover, Kristan Peters-Hamlin's experience as an human resource professional at Shell Oil before she entered law school has conditioned her to provide advice subjected to a rigorous cost-benefit analysis with respect to all proposed approaches and solutions.


At the U.S. Attorney's Office, Kristan Peters-Hamlin handled over 100 grand jury investigations, honing her investigatory and forensic skills. Both Fortune 500 companies and smaller companies have engaged attorney Kristan Peters-Hamlin to use these investigative techniques and skills to uncover a wide range of employee-related problems: sexual harassment, embezzlement, discrimination, corporate leaks, employee misconduct, theft of confidential information, criminal activity, and violations of fiduciary obligations, just to name a few.

Examples of investigations that Kristan Peters-Hamlin has handled include confidentiality leaks and union activities for an energy company, sexual harassment claims on behalf of an investment bank, and a criminal investigation by the New York State Attorney General's office on behalf of a title insurance company. This unique investigatory expertise has often revealed misconduct and employee involvement where previous investigations by our predecessors on matters have failed to do so.