Defamation Litigation

Claims of defamation frequently arise in the employment context. When employers, supervisors or managers make derogatory, untrue statements about their employees or former employees, it is not uncommon for employees to bring claims of per se defamation, as they have been injured in their professional reputation. We have successfully defended many such claims on behalf of employers. We have also brought such claims on behalf of former executives, employees and competing business enterprises.

The following are some examples of defamation, libel and slander cases we have handled:

  • After a large New York insurance company litigated a defamation case with another law firm for six years, Kristan Peters-Hamlin was brought in to try the case merely a month before the trial and successfully resolved the case on very favorable terms.
  • Kristan Peters-Hamlin defended a publishing company in New Jersey state court and secured dismissal of the case on discovery grounds.
  • We brought a claim in New York State court on behalf of a former marketing executive who was falsely accused of being H.I.V. positive and settled the matter on favorable terms.
  • Kristan Peters-Hamlin successfully defended a defamation claim against an alcoholic beverage company in California federal district court.
  • Our firm brought a claim in state court on behalf of an executive whose professional honesty was defamed within her corporation, not on a "need-to-know basis," and we successfully settled that claim on her behalf.
  • Kristan Peters-Hamlin was co-counsel with Mary Jo White defending Pillsbury Winthrop in a $40 million defamation complaint brought by a former partner.

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