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Working with Kristan was like a dream come true! From the first phone call where she heard my crazy story of whistle blowing, retaliation, and employment discrimination to the outcome of settlement negotiations, she had my back. She was very easy to work with and always responded quickly to all my emails and questions. The things I liked most about working with her include her vast and varied experience, her intelligence, and her drive to fight for justice. I always felt like I was on the winning team when I would witness her corresponding with the defense counsel, she could site case law quickly and put them in their place. Kristan fought for me to the bitter end of our settlement negations to get me everything she could, and I could not be happier with the outcome. She knew just the right amount of pressure to apply, at just the right time to secure me a win. She is a stand-up litigator and warrior for her clients. I would highly recommend her based on my wonderful experience with her.
- Annette Garaghty

"Kristan represented me in litigation in a retaliation and race discrimination claim before the EEOC, the federal district court in trial, and the Second Circuit on appeal against a large law firm representing the world's largest company. While Kristan excelled at every stage, I note here in particular her trial skills. There were moments in the trial when the opponent would spring on us "surprise discovery"--never produced-- or a witness would lie, and my heart would sink and I thought "all was lost". Then Kristan would cross-examine the witness and shred their testimony into a million bits. If you have not seen Kristan cross examine, you are missing witnessing an art form. It was like watching a Samurai warrior. I believe the jury's award which was one of the largest awarded in CT. was in large part owing to Kristan's masterful performance at trial. The trial judge's award of attorney's fees also recognized Kristan's skills. The opponent was unsuccessful in getting the trial court award reversed on appeal. Kristan's appellate brief was impressive. Her commitment to me and my cause was steadfast."
- Michael Barham

Kristan Peters-Hamlin is the BEST employment litigator I've ever engaged, and probably the best overall litigator I know. She is intelligent, highly fluent in negotiation, and knows how to transform from a pitbull into a golden retriever during different stages of a suit. This kind of strategic and tactical wisdom is extremely rare outside of the largest New York or Chicago litigation firms (where an entire team would be retained) and is priceless as an accessible, Connecticut-based solution. I highly recommend her practice and can share that her efforts have paid multiples on the investment. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly on Linked-In or via email (matt at pioneer-plaza dot com) if you would like me to describe my positive experiences with her. If you deserve justice, Kristan is the person to trust for support.
- Matthew Epstein

Kristan is extremely thorough and professional. She has strong domain expertise and is very tactful in managing the process. I have worked with many legal advisors and she by far stands out with her attitude for perfection and attention to details. She is very result oriented and set high standards. I very much enjoyed working with Kristan and would highly recommended her to anyone.
- Sumit Takkar

I certainly recommend Kristan to anyone looking for help reviewing legal documents. Having prescient advice like hers provided me and my company with the invaluable peace of mind that our contracts fulfilled their intent. I couldn't be happier for retaining her. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good labor/ employment law attorney without hesitation.
- Philo Bishay

Peters Hamlin LLC assisted our firm in the recovery of a fee owed to us. Kristan's efforts on our behalf were instrumental to achieving a timely settlement favorable to our firm. We have a very high regard for her professionalism and negotiating skills. She gave us wise counsel on strategy and tactical alternatives, was relentless in pursuit of our objectives and took care to consult with us and keep us informed along the way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kristan to others in need of her services.
- James Whitcomb