Civil Litigation

At Peters Hamlin Law, LLC, we provide our clients with the full gamut of civil litigation expertise in state and federal court, at the trial and appellate levels and in arbitration before the American Arbitration Association and FINRA. We represent corporations and individuals, plaintiffs and defendants in matters involving business litigation, claims of breach of contract, breaches of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, qui tam cases, unjust enrichment, theft of confidential information, severance litigation, litigation regarding unpaid bonuses, unpaid wages litigation, Connecticut Uniform Trade Practices Act claims, defamation, and wrongful death.

Kristan Peters-Hamlin has represented companies in the fields of insurance, retail, biotechnology, publishing, manufacturing, telecommunications, banking, software technology and alcoholic beverage companies, amongst others. We also represent individuals in litigation. Examples of civil litigation include:

  • Kristan Peters-Hamlin brought a wrongful death claim on behalf of the estate of a drowned child and the case broke records in the state of Connecticut for a settlement that was 450% higher than the highest drowning verdict in state history.
  • Recently, Peters Hamlin Law, LLC went to trial before the American Arbitration Association in a breach of contract case on behalf of an alcoholic beverages company and won complete dismissal of all claims.
  • Kristan Peters-Hamlin secured a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against departing employees on behalf of a publishing company in New York federal court, and then settled the case with an agreement banning the employees from using her client's confidential information and from working in the industry for two years.
  • Peters Hamlin Law, LLC represented an account executive in sexual preference litigation in New York who was taunted as "HIV boy" by his supervisor, and secured on his behalf a generous settlement for the sexual harassment and mental anguish that he suffered.

Kristan Peters-Hamlin honed her formidable cross examination skills at the busiest United States Attorney's office in the nation where she spent six years constantly in court on a daily basis. After witnessing Peters-Hamlin at hearings, trials and depositions, her clients, opponents and even court reporters frequently comment that they have never witnessed more effective and devastating cross examination. Her skilled cross examination produces critical early fact concessions at depositions, devastating to her opponent's prima facie case, and results in early settlements of claims on behalf of her clients. Her negotiations skills result in very high settlements for her plaintiff clients and for her defendant clients she repeatedly secures settlements for so little that one General Counsel characterized "the settlements she repeatedly secures as so low they are almost nothing."

Contact Kristan Peters-Hamlin in her Stamford Connecticut office at 203-504-2050